Ron Martin

Ron has served on the board since 2012. During his long tenure he filled many vital roles including that of Vice Chair and Board Chair. He has dedicated much time to participating on multiple committees including the Audit and Finance Committee and the Building Committee. Through his years of service Ron has shown how dedicated he is to this organization. We will miss his leadership on the Board but look forward to seeing what he will bring to the Family Service Foundation Board to continue helping this community.


Penny Butler

Penny has been a part of Family Houston for over 30 years! She has served on both the Board of Directors and Foundation Board. While on the board she was part of the Fund Development Committee, Race Event Committee, Nominations Committee, and was Chair of both the Planning and Nominations Committees. Penny has been a valuable part of our team, she was even part of the team that brought Charly on board as our CEO. We are lucky to have had such a passionate person involved with our organization for so many years.