According to American Community Survey there are 18 million Veterans in the United States. Throughout the years Veterans have played a significant role in making America the country that it is today. Their honorable sacrifice does not come without its difficult recovery. Because of what combat and service is like, veterans in turn face very distinctive health issues related to their military service and are more likely to suffer from trauma-related injuries, substance abuse, and mental health disorders than people who have never served in the armed forces.

What resources does Family Houston have available to support veterans? 

Some of the ways in which our veteran program can support veterans and veteran families is by offering mortgage assistance, childcare (If the Veterans children are attending a childcare facility approved to receive NCI), rental assistance, and utility assistance.

We serve veteran and veteran families living in Harris, Fort Bend, Waller or Montgomery counties.

What are some ways to support veterans and their families?

Try to volunteer at organizations helping veterans and military families and sharing information about resources available to veterans! We want them to know there is support out there to help them through tough times.

For more information about veterans or the services we provide email us or call us at 713-861-4849.