Rising Trends: Women’s Impact on the Modern Workforce

Following the pandemic, employment trends began to shift, specifically among women. Today, women continue to be influenced by various factors, such as advancements in gender equality, changes in workforce dynamics, technological innovations, and overall economic conditions. 

Many women are the primary earners in the household and are concerned with higher compensation to keep up with inflation.

Family Houston Employment Coach Resheka Moore shares three significant trends she has observed regarding women and employment opportunities. 

Continuing Education & Professional Development

Upskilling and reskilling initiatives have been essential for women to remain competitive in the job market. Many women have begun to pursue more careers in science, technology, and engineering. This has been mainly attributed to the rise in STEM programs after high school. With such academic advances, more women are entering into more college programs geared toward technology, which led to this career trend.

Hybrid Employment

The pandemic also accelerated the adoption of remote work among women employees. This shift provided more flexibility for women, particularly those balancing work with caregiving responsibilities, allowing them to continue working while managing other commitments. Women have begun to place more emphasis on overall employee well-being, so remote work is ideal.


Women’s entrepreneurship has also been on the rise. More women are starting their own businesses. The driving factors have been more access to resources such as non-profit assistance, grants, and business start-up courses. There are many support networks for women looking to own their own businesses as well. Interested in learning about alternative income streams? Register now for our free upcoming virtual workshop.

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