How long should my resume be?  

A resume should preferably be one page. However, two pages is OK so long as the information is relevant to the position that you are applying for such as, education, work experience, etc. Often times, a resume with more than two pages is seen with someone such as Attorneys, Professors, Doctors or someone who publishes papers, journals, documents, etc. 


Which resume format should I use? 

 A functional resume works well when completing online applications. A combination resume (functional/chronological format) is an ideal resume, because it allows you to speak on experience, skillsets, and pertinent information as it relates to the position you are applying, and also allowing to provide a chronological history of work to address any gaps. 


How do I make sure my resume stands out?  

Include required skills and key words for the job, placing them in the order of relevance.


Are there any overused buzzwords I should avoid putting on my resume?  

Using words such as dependable, reliable, hard-worker, or fast learner have been overused in the past. You should present information that shares experience, relevancy and should be related to the job lead. 


What Information does/does not belong on a resume?  

No pictures belong on a resume unless it is an artistic portfolio. Also, you do not want to add personal information. A professional email is best and a LinkedIn account should be included. 


Should I include jobs I’ve had that don’t relate to the job I’m seeking?  

Yes, if you had the job for six months or longer you should include that experience on your resume. 


What are employers looking for in a resume?  

Employers are looking for a resume that is easy to read and follow. They are also looking for skills that relate to the position, along with any contributions the potential employee can bring to the company. 


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