Carla Achieves her Dream of Financial Stability

When Carla came to Family Houston, she felt overwhelmed by debt. She attained a Master’s degree from Columbia University, but that diploma also came with massive student loans. Carla owed the IRS and had no savings. She wanted to get her debt under control and eventually buy a house, but that dream seemed out of reach.

Carla met with Daniel Scholl, a Family Houston Financial Coach. At their first meeting, Daniel asked Carla about her dreams. “I told her she would achieve her dream and do it all on her own,” said Daniel. “I would just coach her along the way, providing the knowledge, tools, accountability, and encouragement she
would need.” Daniel helped Carla track her spending and create a budget. Carla found she spent more than she realized, and began to recognize triggers that caused her to spend. Carla agreed that every time she noticed one of the triggers, she would remember her dream and stick to her budget. Within the next month, Carla put $1,000 into savings.

Daniel and Carla worked on repairing her credit and tackling her debt by setting up payment plans for her student loans and with the IRS. Carla paid off a tax lien, improved her credit score, and significantly reduced her spending. With her dream always in mind, Carla also set money aside each month for a down payment on a home.

Just six months after her first visit to Family Houston, Carla closed on her new home. Carla continues to work with Daniel to achieve her dreams, which now include getting completely debt free, buying a new car, and moving abroad for retirement. “I look forward to helping her achieve this next journey,” said Daniel.