Harris Health – the Gold Card – How to Apply


The Harris Health System, previously called the Gold Card, helps people with low or no income get quality health care. If you are uninsured, the Harris Health System is a way for you to find affordable, sliding-scale healthcare. The Harris Health System is not free, but there is financial assistance for those who qualify. Click the title to keep reading!

How to Apply for Benefits - Your Texas Benefits


Are you facing a crisis or emergency? Do you need help with food, housing or other basic needs? Your Texas Benefits is an online system to apply for benefits and find support services. Click the title to keep reading!


Through its many programs and outreach services, Family Houston builds stronger families by teaching the life skills necessary to face financial, health, relationship and other critical challenges.

Whether it's counseling students in schools, financial education or enrolling a veteran for benefits, our programs and services help strengthen families – leading to a healthier, more stable community.

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