Counseling can help your child cope with issues such as family conflict, school problems, grief, divorce and bullying. Family Houston provides both individual and family counseling that focuses on strengths, problem solving and goal setting.


At Family Houston, we typically ask both child and parents to be present at the first session. We assess the family’s needs to see if we can provide additional services – such as financial coaching or employment services – to alleviate family stress.

We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. We have a sliding-fee scale for those that do not have insurance. Sessions last 45 minutes to an hour and are offered in several languages including English, Spanish and Khmer.


The first step in the counseling process is building rapport so that everyone feels comfortable. Once the child feels safe, they will begin to open up about their thoughts and feelings. The counselor serves as an active listener that helps the child feel less alone.


Family Houston counselors use a variety of intervention strategies and techniques, such as:

– By Jessica Cisneros