Help Prevent Suicide By Remembering This


A person at risk of suicidal behavior will often show warning signs. Learning about, understanding, and recognizing these warning signs is one thing everyone can do to help prevent suicide.

When Someone Threatens Suicide


A suicide threat is a clear indication that something is gravely wrong in a person’s life. It should not be dismissed or treated lightly.
You can be helpful to a suicidal person by:

7 Ways to Show your Child they Belong to the Family


We all have a desire to belong and to feel valued especially by those whom we love. When we include our children they feel valued, important, needed and most importantly loved. Check out this infographic for 7 ways you can show your child they belong.

Leadership Qualities Parents Need


Like successful leadership, successful parenting is all about growing and inspiring others. To develop positive family relationships and build children’s self-esteem, parents need leadership qualities. This article highlights 7 qualities of good parent leaders.

Helping your Kids though Divorce


Divorce isn’t easy for anyone involved. But for children, parental breakups can be particularly tough. Help your child through the transition with these tips.

8 Ways to Show Your Child they are Loved


Every parent is unique in how they show love to their children. View this infographic to learn about eight ways you can show your child they are loved.

Emotional and Behavioral Changes in Your Child


As parents, we are concerned with the well-being of our children at home, in school and in the community. Every child is unique and may experience development differently than their peers and siblings. Awareness of unexpected changes in your child’s behavior is one of the best ways to monitor well-being. Read this article for examples of behavior change to be aware of.

Taking your Child to Counseling


Counseling can help your child cope with issues such as family conflict, school problems, grief, divorce and bullying. Family Houston provides both individual and family counseling that focuses on strengths, problem solving and goal setting.


Through its many programs and outreach services, Family Houston builds stronger families by teaching the life skills necessary to face financial, health, relationship and other critical challenges.

Whether it's counseling students in schools, financial education or enrolling a veteran for benefits, our programs and services help strengthen families – leading to a healthier, more stable community.

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